Reading EXIF Data with Python and Pillow

Digital photos contain EXIF data which can be read and displayed by suitable software. In this post I will demonstrate reading EXIF data using Python.

Pretty much any smartphone, tablet or digital camera embeds EXIF data into each photograph it takes, with details of the device itself as well as the individual photo. And just about every piece of software which can display or edit digital images can read and display that data. Or at least attempt to...!

Unfortunately EXIF is not easy to deal with. It would be nice if the data consisted of a string of XML or JSON so that it could be handled using ubiquitous techniques and libraries, but the format itself is rather quirky, made worse by inconsistent implementations by different manufacturers and sometimes different devices from the same manufacturer.

You may have noticed that sometimes even popular mainstream software fails to show sensible interpretations of some EXIF data. Despite that I will have a bash at extracting the EXIF data from images using Python and the Pillow library.

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