Blog Post Creation Workflow

Creating a blog post, especially on technical subjects such as programming, is a complex process of which writing text is only a relatively small part. That is why I have called this post "Blog Post Creation Workflow" rather than "Blog Post Writing Workflow"

The complexity of the process is such that it is essential to have a workflow or at least a tasklist to ensure you do not omit any steps.

Such a workflow is going to be unique to each individual and continually evolve so it would be pointless for me to say "here is a workflow for you to follow". Instead I will list the sort of items on my checklist to give you a flavour of the sort of things you might like to add to yours. If you think of any others please let me know in the comments.

How you maintain your workflow is also of course a matter of personal preference. I use a spreadsheet and highlight tasks in green when they are completed but again let me know if you have any other suggestions.

This is no more than a list of bullet points. I will expand on most if not all of them in separate posts.

  • Choose a title

  • Keyword research

  • Check LSI graphs

  • Write any code to be included in the post

  • Add comments to your code

  • Create a graphic to use as a post header

  • Create any screenshots

  • Create, upload and link to the source code ZIP file

  • Create a Github repository, push your files and add a link

  • Write your post text

  • Add source code to your post

  • Add relevant links to your post, both internal and external

  • Add a meta description

  • Add alt and title attributes to images

  • SEO check your post using, for example, the Yoast WordPress plugin

  • Create an infographic summarising your post

  • Create a graphic for use in Twitter and other social media posts

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Manually proofread your post

  • Plan your social media schedule

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