Exploring Units in Math.js

The math.js library's many features include comprehensive support for units, enabling us to carry out calculations and conversions of measurements including length, mass, volume and many more.

The library has its own comprehensive documentation so in this article I will just give a brief introduction the unit functionality before providing a few examples of more obscure or specialized usage.

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An Introduction to Web Hosting with GitHub Pages

In your travels around The Internet you may have encountered sites with URLs ending in .github.io. These use GitHub's own minimalist but very useful hosting service called GitHub Pages which is available free to anyone with a Github account.

In this article I'll show how easy it is to get up and running with the service, as well as exploring what you can and cannot do.

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Should You Learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

You could reasonably argue that data structures and algorithms are at the heart of computer science. This leads to the widespread belief that they are also at the heart of software development and that a detailed or even profound knowledge of them is necessary to be a decent programmer. I believe that while it doesn't do any harm to learn them in depth it is not the best use of your time.

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